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Kinzinger hopeful for fair agreement

Congressman Kinzinger at the Threshermen's Reunion last week / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – Congressman Adam Kinzinger is glad to see those working in agriculture supporting each other and working together despite tough times for the industry.

The 16th district Republican visited the Threshermen’s Reunion near Pontiac last week and spoke briefly on trade. He hopes a fair trade agreement can be reached soon.

“All we are asking is for equal treatment from China that’s it,” Kinzinger said.

Kinzinger worries the Chinese are waiting until the next presidential election before doing anything. He believes the trade war is taking a bigger toll on them than us. The Congressman hopes everyone takes time to thank a farmer for what they do since they seem to be right in the middle of the trade dispute.

“People don’t understand the real hurt of a third-generation farmer being threatened, but they are the front lines of retaliation specifically because they voted for this president and we are going to help them in every way we can,” Kinzinger added.

Hoping the trade fight is short-term, Kinzinger realizes no one wants to survive on government help and he wants to see the ag economy return to its state five years ago.

“We need to open no more new trade fights. I say that to the president. We need to find new markets all around China for instance with some allies.”

On the ethanol front, Kinzinger feels we need to find out why all of the small refinery exemptions are increasing.

Kinzinger may be in the political minority in Washington, but legislators continue to address issues such as the opioid crisis and job training. Many manufacturing jobs are open but workers don’t all have the right skills. Kinzinger notes some collect their first paycheck and don’t even return to work.

“Teaching young people life lessons in terms of showing up for work is pretty basic but it needs to be done,” he said.

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