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Learning never stops at PTI farm

(CIFN photo)

PONTIAC – Illinois farmers have a giant learning center right in their own back yard with over 50 different plots in a 200-acre area.

The Precision Planting Precision Technology Institute (PTI) Farm at Pontiac shows the many ways agronomy, technology and equipment work together. The farm actually allows growers to experience the latest technology.

“We have the sand box area with four tractors on planters with the latest technology so attendees are able to run that equipment and step in the field to look at the difference between planting in traditional ways compared to planting with the latest,” explained Bryce Baker, Integrated Marketing Manager with Precision Planting.

Farm manager Jason Webster takes visitors on a two hour tour of the farm which includes an up-close look at a water recycling project. The company built a lake which field tile drains into and will try to recycle the water. Plots include information on fertility and planting date trials.

“Each attendee will get about 25-30 minutes in the seat actually operating planters then they’ll have time to kick tires on the latest equipment out there as well,” Baker said.

To register for a field day at the PTI Farm this summer, contact your local Precision Planting dealer or visit: and click “local events” then look for the “Precision Technology Institute Agronomy Experience.”

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