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Cover crop advice from Potential Ag

DWIGHT – We can expect to see cover crops popping up across the state later this summer following the wet spring which prevented some growers from putting corn or beans into the ground.

Matt Boucher of Potential Ag in Dwight has been getting several phone calls a day with questions from farmers trying to figure out which cover crop products could work best on those acres which didn’t get planted this year.

“We need to start with a clean field whether that involves a farmer going out and spraying his field or working it with a finisher or tool,” Boucher advises.

An ideal time to plant cover crops is toward the end of July or early August, according to Boucher. While there are many cover crop products to help with weed suppression in bare fields, Boucher believes 2019 taught us there is no silver bullet for weed control.

“We do have some really good things to go out there and provide a lot of value.”

Boucher ended up getting all of his corn planted but didn’t get some beans planted because the field would not dry out.

“There are some other farmers in the area here and well beyond the area that have not been able to get their crops in the ground this year and have chosen to take prevent plant because of that,” Boucher added.

For more information on cover crop options this summer, call Boucher at 815-258-1503, e-mail or visit

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