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Communication is important

Communication is key when spraying fields.

Whether you plan to spray non-GMO, Dicamba, Liberty or even some Enlist beans, you should let your retailer and neighbors know.

“Getting a hold of your neighbor, trying to find out what they have next to you is going to be huge before we send the sprayer to the field,” said Kelsey McNamara, a field advisor for Brandt Consolidated.

Being conscious of susceptible crops allows those applying chemical to leave buffers and be as efficient as possible. Current field activities include finishing up corn spraying, side dressing nitrogen and getting into soybeans.

“We are all headed three different directions but keeping up with your retailer is really important and also obviously following the label,” McNamara added.

With all of the recent heat, weeds are really growing which is why McNamara urges growers to be timely with their herbicide applications this season.

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