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Bruckers face 2019's challenges

Dagan (left) and Derek Brucker pose in their shed near Cropsey last week / CIFN photo.

CROPSEY – This back-and-forth weather we have been experiencing has led to a rough year for many farmers, including the Bruckers who farm near Cropsey.

It was a very interesting planting season for Derek and Dagan Brucker since they had a very short window to get their crops in the ground while juggling full-time jobs in addition to farming. When looking back on the spring of 2019, ground conditions are what many will remember.

“It got really dry and now we just got some more rain, so it’s been a rough year,” Dagan admitted.

The brothers had planted some corn early before the big rains moved in and just recently got into those fields to do some side dressing of nitrogen.

“We got all of that knocked out but now we are waiting for the back half of our corn to grow enough to put nitrogen on,” Derek said.

Neighbors seem to be right on track with the Bruckers in their area as no one is too far behind or ahead. Everyone is in the same boat this year.

“Everybody’s crops around here look pretty good,” Derek added.

Derek drives to work in Farmer City every day and has noticed crops in that region are farther behind, although they have missed some recent rains which will allow them to catch-up on fieldwork.

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