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Some done while others finish

(CIFN photo)

DOWNS – Southeast McLean County farmer Dennis Wentworth is just happy to be done with the 2019 planting season even though he had to deal with plenty of rain showers along the way.

“I had more than one conversation with fellow farmers saying I am sure glad Dad and Granddad aren’t around because we broke every rule in the book for planting,” Wentworth said.

The better drained fields allowed the Wentworths to get back into the field sooner following rain events but some farms still ponded resulting in delays. Wentworth believes the early planted corn will show a big yield boost come fall.

“The water table was just so high it didn’t matter, you were going to have a wet spot.”

As soon as the planter pulled out of the field for the final time, Wentworth finished spraying some of his soybeans and started spraying corn. They also started side-dressing corn.

Wentworth has a message for those still trying to put crops in the ground.

“We are thinking of you and supportive,” he said. “We’ve still got a long year ahead of us and a lot of weather to go through. We do the best we can.”

Livingston County update:

Joe Palen farms near Saunemin, Kempton and Cabery areas and ground conditions have been much wetter that way.

"To the south of me a little bit, they have been much more fortunate as far as getting things done," he said.

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