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In the field with Jenner

There are some positives to a wet spring such as everyone not running at once so dealers are able to service their ag customers with ease.

“The hard part is that a lot of our customers, especially to the east and north, have less than 10 percent of their crop in the ground,” explained Nate Kelson, precision ag advisor for Jenner Precision of Fairbury.

Planter and sprayer work is ongoing, but Kelson continues to hear praises about hydraulic downforce on planters.

“I’ve had multiple guys who have called me and said with the wet conditions, the downforce system has really saved them.”

Lifting as much as 160 pounds continuously through a field helps in wet conditions. Also, Precision Planting’s Speed Tube is getting positive feedback with growers running 75 acres per hour. This is good for working in short weather windows.

Kelson can be reached at 815-842-7952 or you can call the Jenner Precision office at 815-692-6655.

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