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A few plots are in the ground

A Golden Harvest seed plot near Sibley was planted last week / courtesy of Bob Lawless.

SIBLEY – Golden Harvest agronomist Bob Lawless took advantage of good weather last week to put a research plot in the ground near Sibley.

He worked on a well-drained field which helped the situation.

“Not all of the fields around there were fit but we had a little window of opportunity to get that in,” Lawless told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

Lawless tried to plant a field near Strawn last Thursday but got rained out. He believes this is a year when pattern tile fields show a big benefit. Other fields tend to have less-than-ideal spots where equipment should not travel.

“It’s been very tough to just string very many sunny days together to get anything going here it seems like.”

Even though the weather has not been great for planting and the calendar is getting late, Lawless hopes growers stay patient as a lot can get done in a short amount of time with the right weather conditions.

After June 1, farmers may want to consider changing to an earlier maturing corn hybrid. If it gets later than that, Lawless may consider switching over to more soybean acres.

More information can be found online by searching for Golden Harvest seeds or by calling Lawless directly at 309-838-6537.

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