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Rainy pattern to hold

A flooded field is shown in Livingston County Wednesday afternoon / CIFN photo.

CHICAGO – Don’t expect the current wet weather pattern to end anytime soon. In fact, Mike Tannura, founder of T-storm Weather in Chicago, anticipates more of the same for the foreseeable future with areas of rain moving forward.

There will be some rain in the southern areas of the Corn Belt through the weekend but Tannura’s biggest concern is what happens next week.

“We will have a couple of storm systems that move through and those should produce one to two inches of rain across a big chunk of the Corn Belt over Monday through Friday.”

Once next week’s system moves through, the entire central United States is expected to be cooler than normal for five to seven days. Although we will likely experience some rain with the coolness, the heavy rains will temporarily ease. Tannura is concerned that the overall weather pattern does not seem to be breaking with no big changes on the way.

“There is still energy out there beyond next Friday and we will still see some areas of rain at different points in time,” Tannura said.

Rain is expected in varying areas of the central United States every day over the next two weeks. This means not everyone will be impacted at the same time but somebody will be getting rained on.

Tannura acknowledges it is hard to forecast a dry and mild pattern since this current wet pattern dates all the way back to last June.

“When it finally breaks, it will break but trying to say it’s going to break three weeks out after it has been going on for almost 50 weeks is a little challenging.”

Since weather tends to be random resulting in certain areas getting stuck in patterns, there is no great answer as to what is causing all of this rain. Trying to figure out what created a weather pattern such as excessive rain or drought is tough because all of the weather is connected across different areas of the world, according to Tannura.

T-storm Weather was founded by Tannura in 2006 and is a subscription service which forecasts and analyzes weather and yields to help those in agriculture manage risk. More information can be found at

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