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Early season productivity impacted

(CIFN file photo)

HUDSON – Central Illinois farms haven’t missed too many storm systems this spring which is delaying early season productivity.

“You just get to the point where you’re almost ready to get back in the field then we catch another shower,” said Sean Jordal, agronomist for ProHarvest Seeds.

Jordal is concerned too many farmers are worrying about the calendar date instead of field conditions. That extra wait could make a significant difference for soil conditions. Fields which dry properly provide the ideal seed bed.

Planting soybeans early is becoming more of an accepted practice which Jordal admits could be a good idea.

“There is less potential for loss if we get in cool conditions with soybeans. They tend to handle that kind of stress better than corn does.”

Growers are advised to keep tillage to a minimum and if they have to do anything, they should do more vertical tillage instead of dragging equipment with a concave blade across wet soil.

Jordal reminds farmers of the different soybean technologies available this year and hopes they communicate with neighbors and follow chemical labels as closely as possible.

“We want to make sure we have these technologies available for the coming years.”

More information can be obtained from or by contacting Jordal directly at 309-825-5940. ProHarvest Seeds can also be found on social media.

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