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Look over GPS equipment

Technology equipment is displayed at Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth last month / CIFN photo.

CHATSWORTH – Everyone seems to get their planters out of the shed early each season to look them over but don’t forget about your GPS guidance equipment.

“Power that stuff up and make sure the electronics will steer the tractor,” advises Tim McGreal of Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth.

It is much easier to get help and troubleshoot problems now before it’s too late. McGreal says technology keeps evolving as Internet RTK service is a big deal for many farmers. Since some GPS technologies have been out for over 10 years now, folks are finding out that the original technology can be improved.

“We’ve had a big run on new GPS equipment this year,” said McGreal.

Nu-Ag Technology also offers drainage solutions as they sell the Soil Max tile plow. Many growers have been thinking about drainage this spring.

“As you look outside it’s wet and everybody knows that the quicker we can get this ground dried out and get into a good condition to plant, the better the yields are going to be in the end.”

Whether you own land or work with landlords, McGreal believes there is always a need to tile.

Nu-Ag Technology can be reached at 815-635-3011 or online at

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