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4-H club provides fun atmosphere

The Fairbury Prairie Farmers booth at the PC FFA Farm and Home Show in February / photo by Rebecca Casson.

Members of the Fairbury Prairie Farmers 4-H Club are always working to create fun for others.

The club handed out popcorn to visitors at last month’s Prairie Central FFA Farm and Home Show in Forrest and kids were able to discover small objects in a tub of corn for a candy prize.

“Once they find an object, they can pull it out and we’ll ask them a question that has to do with that object,” said 4-H’er Ashlyn Kratochvil.

“There have been a lot of kids and they look like they are having fun,” added fellow Prairie Farmer Adri Cottrell.

Things are going well for the Fairbury Prairie Farmers this year as they still plan to take some field trips. Both Kratochvil and Cottrell agree that 4-H is the place to be.

“The people in it are really nice and I just have a lot of fun with it,” Cottrell said.

“I definitely enjoy all of the people we get to meet through 4-H and helping better the community,” Kratochvil replied.

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