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Company utilizes 3-D modeling

Dustin Kurtz of IL Grain & Seed Equipment demos 3-D modeling at the Gordyville farm show / CIFN photo.

CISSNA PARK – A local company providing grain and seed handling service and installation work is utilizing 3-D modeling for customers.

Illinois Grain and Seed Equipment based in Cissna Park lets clients virtually explore different options before making a purchase.

“We’ll take drones out over their property and map out their existing land, layout and sheds,” explains IGSE mechanical engineer Dustin Kurtz. “We’ll put that in 3-D modeling then they can sit there in the office and walk through their new bin site.”

Most of the responses to the new concept have been positive so far, according to Kurtz. One someone puts on a headset, they can use a remote to literally walk up to things.

“We have a 15 foot by 15 foot spot where you can literally walk around items within the map,” Kurtz said at last month’s Midwest Ag Expo.

IGSE will move grain bins, take them down, work with concrete and even do off-season work to prepare for another season. The company is making new products with a focus on safety. The new Vey Way is a belt sweep which is safer than an auger and they also offer an automatic seed box gate opener.

More information can be found by visiting or by calling: 815-457-2979.

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