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Martin a believer in early planting

Jim Martin examines early-planted soybeans on his farm last spring / CIFN file photo.

WENONA – Jim Martin is convinced that early planted soybeans pay. His farm set records in soybeans last year with an early planting project that revealed a significant yield increase just by planting two weeks earlier.

The Central Illinois farmer and District 6 director for the Illinois Soybean Association plans to do more early planting in a couple of fields this year.

“It will be interesting to see how early we’ll be able to get out there this spring,” Martin said at this week’s Soybean Summit in Springfield.

One of the talking points at the meeting included how early planting is extremely beneficial for soybeans and how several farmers are moving in that direction on their own operations.

Martin also serves as the assistant secretary/treasurer for the Illinois Soybean Association board.

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