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View from the Cab: Surviving the Vortex

Photo via Facebook and Twitter

I guess we all survived what social media described as the #PolarVortex2019. Some even referenced the apocalyptic film, “The Day After Tomorrow” when referring to the frozen tundra we know as Central Illinois.

The historically low temperatures and once-in-a-generation weather event drew a lot of publicity and for good reason. Most schools were closed because of the brutal wind chills and a number of local grain elevators, ag businesses and government agencies even shut their doors for a time.

Let’s hear it for those hard-working livestock folks who work around the clock to make sure their animals are warm and comfortable. While you and I were working inside near the furnace, these farmers were out in the elements. The Illinois Farm Bureau posted an interesting video to its Facebook page with Livingston County’s own Mary Faber discussing how her family keeps their dairy herd warm and happy during the winter. I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch this.

Top Third Ag posted the winning Tweet of the week on Twitter: “Good golly, be safe in this cold livestock folks! And you too grain farmers if you’re outside for some strange reason.”

I was actually outside for a brief time last week – freeing ice from the bottom of the garage door and digging out through snow drifts from previous snow events. I also took the advice of many by making sure our gas tanks were topped off if we decided to venture out. As of this writing our electricity and Internet are still on, so I feel lucky. My fingers are crossed for continued success.

Another Midwest Ag Expo is in the books. Attendance may have taken a hit due to the arctic chill, but the numerous ag exhibitors didn’t disappoint. The Gordyville facility is always fun to walk around as I usually see plenty of familiar faces. That guy selling space heaters probably made a killing after the show. The warm Hicksgas chocolate chip cookies were a hit too. They were fresh off the gas grill by the way.

Now that the Gordyville show is over, our focus turns to the numerous FFA auctions and dinners planned in the area during the next several weeks. Be checking the “FFA Central” page of the website for updates along with the “Central Illinois Farm Network” Facebook page and Twitter.

(The View from the Cab is powered by Petersen Motors of Fairbury)

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