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Census data release delayed

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service’s (NASS) Agricultural Statistics Board has begun rescheduling reports that were affected by the lapse in federal funding.

During the lapse, NASS was not able to collect data nor issue reports. The following report has been rescheduled and others will be announced as soon as they are determined:

  • 2017 Census of Agriculture (Feb. 21) will be released April 11 at Noon ET, providing that funding remains available for Fiscal Year 2019.

In order to expedite the rescheduled reports and give producers more time to complete their surveys, NASS has extended some data collection deadlines. NASS requests that anyone who received a survey, please respond as quickly as possible:

  • Cattle Survey - Feb. 9 response deadline to release the biannual Cattle Report on Feb 28.

  • Sheep and Goats Survey – Feb. 9 response deadline to release the annual Sheep and Goats report on Feb 28.

  • Milk Production Survey – Feb. 9 response deadline to release the Milk Production report on Feb. 20.

  • Row Crop County Agricultural Production Survey (CAPS) – Feb. 19 response deadline.

  • Census of Aquaculture – March 22 response deadline.

  • Irrigation and Water Management Survey – March 8 response deadline to release the Irrigation and Water Management report on Nov. 13.

If you have received any of these surveys and have not responded but no longer have the survey form, please call 800-727-9540 from 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET to receive your survey code and respond online at NASS representatives may call to collect information as well. NASS surveys provide critical data to run numerous different USDA programs that benefit farmers and ranchers.

These reports will be available at

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