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Taxes, marijuana covered by IFB

CHICAGO – Motor fuel taxes and marijuana use in the state were among items addressed during Monday’s delegate session at the Illinois Farm Bureau annual meeting in Chicago.

In the past, IFB supported up to a 10-cent increase in motor fuel tax and that was changed to reflect the organization would support a “moderate” increase.

“That gives the board a little bit of wiggle room to determine what moderate is,” said DeLoss Jahnke, an anchor for the Illinois Farm Bureau’s RFD Radio Network.

There was also debate on IFB being against marijuana use for recreational purposes. If marijuana was approved for use in Illinois, the organization wants it to be regulated and taxed accordingly.

Jahnke’s highlights from the 104th annual meeting include getting to see friends and colleagues from around the state and hearing USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue.

“He addressed the delegates for close to 20 minutes and also had lunch with several farmers while in Chicago,” Jahnke noted.

Farmers remain the eternal optimists despite some not having all of the crops out of the field and word of storm damage in the state last weekend. The Farm Bureau is hopeful 2019 will be better than many are anticipating.

“We are still a pretty optimistic group somehow through all of that,” Jahnke added.

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