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Taylor: Harsher weather likely

(CIFN file photo)

PEORIA – You may have noticed harsher winters here in Central Illinois lately. That pattern isn’t going away anytime soon according to an agricultural climatologist with Iowa State University.

“It will kind of be like it was back when I was a kid,” said Dr. Elwynn Taylor, speaking at this week’s Greater Peoria Farm Show.

Winter weather could keep getting more extreme in the next few years. Taylor said we typically see 30-40 years of mild winters and the same amount of time for harsh ones. Summer weather patterns tend to do the same thing.

“The worst year of the century for crops comes about every 89 years,” Taylor explained.

The year 2025 will mark 89 years from the dust bowl. This does not mean every year will be bad, in fact, the good years could be better than average.

“More management is needed for our production and marketing,” Taylor added.

Taylor believes we are starting off with a good moisture supply for the upcoming 2019 growing season. Moisture can be found all the way down to the rooting depth in many locations.

Dr. Taylor travels all over to speak about weather and occasionally visits every state in the Corn Belt. He has given keynote addresses at international meetings and is well known for providing informative and entertaining insight into near and long-term weather patterns and the impact on crop production.

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