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Cool weather leads to more work

(CIFN file photo)

The early cool weather which has blanketed the area is providing opportunities for area growers.

Some anhydrous ammonia applications have started in the state as soil temperatures are down to 50 degrees in places.

“We’ve got areas where the soybeans are fully harvested and they’ve got some fall work done,” said John Allen, retail manager for Springfield-based Brandt Consolidated. “Some guys are starting to get the ammonia on.”

The longer period of daylight provides a safer environment in Allen’s opinion. Growers are also focused on getting soil pH levels where they need to be through lime applications. Phosphate and potash applications continue as well.

“Hopefully, we’ll continue to get weather that gives us fall crop protection products and anhydrous season. It makes for a better winter when you’ve got those tasks behind you.”

Many are wondering what will happen with the dicamba label heading into winter. The two-year trial is up and the EPA must come up with any changes for next year so farmers can make the appropriate seed decisions, according to Allen.

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