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View from the Cab: Reflections

(CIFN file photo)

As I was sitting on the mower during one of those recent unseasonably warm 80-degree afternoons, I reflected on this harvest season and how interesting it really is.

I cannot remember a harvest in recent memory where all of the corn was done by the first of October with plenty of soybeans still left to go. Most of September was spent in the cab as we had a long stretch of almost ideal harvest weather. This allowed many growers to wrap everything up in a timely manner. Most are glad we had a rain break in recent days so farmers could recharge and take a much needed breather.

This year is also unique in the fact that the grass is still green and growing. I mowed one farm the other day with really long grass which reminded me more of June than October. My own yard continues to grow as well, although I am still waiting for all of the leaves to fall before getting too anxious to cut the grass again. It is always much more pleasant to mow when temperatures are in the 70s than the 50s.

If the weather cooperates from here on out, we should be able to get plenty of post-season fieldwork done before the weather breaks for the winter. Many growers still want to apply anhydrous ammonia and other fertilizer once conditions allow. Others will be busy with fall tillage and mowing those roadsides one final time, not to mention cleaning up equipment and organizing tool sheds.

We had a great time celebrating our fall birthdays in recent weeks. Rebecca turned 35, Kenadee turned 4, I turned 36 and Kasen will be 8 in November. Let’s just say there is no shortage of leftover birthday cake around our home. My birthday fell on Columbus Day this year so I joked that they even cancelled school for my big day. Rebecca baked her traditional pumpkin bars and they were delicious! Due to soggy fields, I was able to spend the day at home with my family. I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t in the field on that day.

The fall-like feel is putting everyone in the mood for football. Join us for our final CIFN Sports Central game of the week for the season this Friday night (Oct. 19) as Watseka takes on Iroquois West in Gilman. We will have live game coverage on the Central Illinois Farm Network Facebook page and will chat with some local FFA members before the game.

(The View from the Cab blog is powered each week by Petersen Motors of Fairbury)

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