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Preparing for next year

(CIFN file photo)

Getting fields prepared for the future is an important factor to consider this time of year.

Not only are growers catching up on lime applications, but some are eliminating compaction layers with fall tillage.

“It’s always a good thing to go out there once in a while and just rip hard,” said Dan Froelich, a technical agronomist for Brandt Consolidated. “We’ve got to start putting things in motion to get ready to plant next spring.”

Froelich suggests contacting your retailer to get soil tests pulled since harvest is completed in some fields. He cautions that soils change from one year to the next and a soil test is like a snapshot in time.

“I like to see soil tests no older than four years,” Froelich added.

According to Froelich, this is one of those years where fungicide application made a big difference for corn yields.

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