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AITC coordinator enjoys teaching

Bridget Caldwell poses next to the ag exhibit at this year's McLean County Fair / CIFN photo.

BLOOMINGTON – Bridget Caldwell enjoys helping students better understand McLean County agriculture.

The McLean County Ag in the Classroom coordinator is available for teachers throughout the county ranging from preschool through high school.

“I try to give agriculture lessons they can use with the kids,” Caldwell explained. “We start off with a lot of apples and pumpkins, but I can teach about natural energy, windmills and solar farms.”

Older kids seem to enjoy hearing about DNA, erosion and hot topics dealing with consumer sciences. Caldwell enjoys helping with the McLean County Fair ag exhibit each year, helping to answer questions.

“I am actually to the point where I have students I taught that their kids are with them.”

To find out more about the McLean County Ag in the Classroom program, contact the McLean County Farm Bureau in Bloomington or visit their website.

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