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Field Update: Ford County

(CIFN file photo)

GIBSON CITY – Like many farmers across Central Illinois, Gibson City area farmer Greg Kerber continues to move right along with the 2018 harvest.

He told The Central Illinois Farm Network last week that he hopes to complete corn soon and switch over to soybeans.

“It just didn’t seem like anything good could happen to it by leaving it out here. It was already plenty dry and standability is good,” Kerber said.

Kerber believes soil types are a factor for yields this year along with rainfall. He didn’t have to travel far to notice a big discrepancy in rain and yield. He considers 2018 good but not as good as last year.

“The spring went extremely well other than the three week dry period after we planted. Then the crop got off to a quick and aggressive start.”

Growers in Kerber’s area, which includes Gibson City and Anchor, always waited for a big rain in late July or early August but never got it. Kerber received more consistent rainfall near Fisher and yields reflected that.

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