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Think about soil tests, fertilizer

(CIFN file photo)

LEXINGTON – As the combine leaves the field, you should be examining soil tests and getting a feel for what is needed on that field before next year.

Jason McArdle, plant manager for the Brandt Consolidated Lexington location, says growers need to consider putting back the nutrition they take off with high yields.

“First and foremost, I always like to tell people to make sure their pH is in line. That’s the key element to unlocking the most out of your field from a nutrition standpoint,” McArdle explained.

This is also a good time to be thinking about nitrogen programs as anhydrous ammonia application time is right around the corner. There is a big push in the industry for growers and applicators to be good stewards of nitrogen.

Area harvest update:

Like many places, harvest is in full swing around Lexington. Yields have been holding up but aren’t quite as good as many thought they would be.

“The environmental conditions we faced I think is a testament to the hybrid technology and the variety technology in these soybeans that we can pull off the yield we are getting right now,” McArdle added.

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