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Product specialist: Beans look good

Visitors tour the Beck's PFR farm near El Paso in August / CIFN photo.

The Illinois soybean crop doesn’t look bad to Lee Koenigsfeld – a Beck’s Hybrids product specialist primarily serving northern Iowa and Wisconsin.

Koenigsfeld was a presenter at last month’s Beck’s Hybrids Practical Farm Research field day at El Paso.

“We had a lot of rain there in the northern half (of Iowa) and I think that kind of carried over into the northern part of Illinois and Wisconsin,” Koenigsfeld noted.

Koenigsfeld believes those beans which were planted early and ahead of rains should be really good. He even feels some of the later planted beans will be alright despite the summer heat.

Beck’s has announced a new soybean series known as Freedom Plus which features both Liberty and Glyphosate traits. Koenigsfeld says Beck’s also has a full lineup of the Xtend soybean platform as well.

“With all of the different soybean technology out there, we just want to make sure the farmers have what they want and they can use what they want out there.”

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