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Farmers helping farmers

(CIFN file photo)

Farmers are quick to lend a helping hand when someone is in need.

That’s what happened across Central Illinois this week. Around 20 farmers came together Monday to honor a friend and fellow grower who passed away suddenly in June by harvesting his fields. Mike Mouser of Carlock was well known in McLean County as he grew up in the area and even received the 2004 McLean County Chamber of Commerce Farmer of the Year honor.

Several miles to the northeast in Livingston County on Wednesday, several farmers in the Fairbury and Cropsey areas gathered to help Lincoln Roth who was unable to harvest due to medical issues. It was reported that 13 combines and 13 auger carts were used in the effort along with countless semis and trucks to haul the grain away. The group harvested 190 acres in less than two hours.

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