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Several questions as harvest nears

(CIFN file photo)

MINONK – Harvestability for some corn is going to be questionable this season for various reasons, according to a local seed representative.

“Some of these farmers need to pay attention, go out and do a push test and be ready. We hand-sampled some corn yesterday that was 22 percent,” Bryan Lessen of LG Seeds told The Central Illinois Farm Network last week.

Lessen has seen a little bit of everything in fields across Central Illinois. Corn in the Streator area got hit with green snap back in June when the corn was waist to chest high. Lessen anticipates plenty of variability this harvest with great corn, disappointing corn and everything in between.

Soybeans still need some pod fill to reach the yield levels of the past few years. Due to a late summer dry spell, the earlier planted beans may not be any better than later planted ones this year.

LG Seeds has hosted numerous field events over the summer trying to get the message out on its brand unification and what has been happening with the company. According to Lessen, LG has more field support than ever.

More on the company can be found online or you can reach Lessen directly at 309-660-5974.

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