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Merger is official this week

Rob Dunlop, Bayer regional business manager for Illinois, speaks to local farmers at Shorty Stork's Stone Seed field day Monday / CIFN photo.

The Monsanto and Bayer merger deal closed back in June but this is the first week of the two companies actually coming together.

Monsanto employed around 20,000 while the new company includes 120,000 employees. The Bayer regional business director for Illinois Rob Dunlop is excited about the times ahead for the biggest ag company in the world.

“We are going to keep the chemical businesses separate for about 12 months. We are going to run it parallel so we can figure out what the best path forward is to bringing our chemistry and portfolios together,” Dunlop explained at this week’s Stone Seed field day hosted by Shorty Stork near Chenoa.

From a seed standpoint, growers can expect a renewed investment with different products released quicker to enhance what Monsanto has done, according to Dunlop. Anyone with questions or seeking more information about the new company can speak to their local sales representative.

“Understand that this is a big undertaking and it’ll take a little time for information to trickle down to the field,” Dunlop added.

August tends to be a very busy month for those in the seed industry as Dunlop attends a field event almost every day.

The $66 billion merger of the two ag companies received conditional U.S. antitrust approval this year after they agreed to a sell-off of around $9 billion of assets to keep market competition.

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