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View from the Cab: The bucket list

Kasen and Kenadee Casson at the recent Marsh Park re-dedication in Fairbury / CIFN photo.

We have been crossing a few items off the family bucket list as we await the start of a new school year, harvest season and another addition to the family come late October.

Our summer went way too fast (as it always does) but we had some quality family time along the way. A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a trip to Chicago and St. Joseph, Michigan. It was a rainy and cool Saturday in the windy city but we still enjoyed a spectacular view atop the John Hancock Center. The kids got a kick out of riding on the public transit system and we were impressed with the Shedd Aquarium and Rainforest Café.

We then made our way up to Michigan where we spent time relaxing along the coast and taking in some of the sights. Jumping in the water is a must when traveling the western Michigan coast – even if it feels ice cold. The waves and endless beaches never disappoint. We even visited a blueberry farm and picked up some jars of jam and tasty blueberry pie. I think I noticed one soybean field in southwestern Michigan and it looked dry. Someone later told me they had been missing the rains like we have.

A body of water much closer to home provided almost as much child entertainment as Lake Michigan, although this destination is only a golf cart ride away. My in-laws took our family and cousins Acer and Ty to wade in the creek on a recent Sunday afternoon. The creek was pretty low, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. If you give them some sticks and a few rocks to throw, they will have endless entertainment. Plus, riding Nana’s golf cart is the ultimate experience for Kasen and Kenadee.

Our travels took us two hours west just the other day as we visited our family’s timber near Macomb. Dad and I spent some time working while Rebecca, the kids and cousin Chloe rode in the golf cart and zoomed up and down the main trails on the four-wheeler. It was a perfect day with sunshine and temperatures only in the lower 80s. The shade felt great.

Reality is about to set in as the new school year is knocking on the door, but first we’ll enjoy the Fairbury Fair this week! Look for our family strolling the midway and catch some of my broadcast work at The Central Illinois Farm Network booth.

(The View from the Cab blog is powered each week by Petersen Motors in Fairbury)

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