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A different way to boost yields

A view of the Schertz Aerial Service summer meeting / CIFN photo.

COOKSVILLE – A product from Stoller USA known as Sugar Power can help boost yields in both corn and soybeans.

“We are looking at enhancing yields at a time that is not traditionally looked at for any kind of application,” explains Mark Mullen, a Stoller sales representative.

Mullen has noticed a 10-11 percent increase in yield from this method. This can also lead to increased starch content in grain which directly translates into yield and ethanol production. The company is hoping to help drive the ethanol market.

“It would be a great help for Midwest farmers if we could make that happen,” Mullen added.

Stoller research agronomist Rob Jarek says yield comes from three components: plant stand, seeds per plant and seed size. Whatever crop you are looking at, the most misunderstood component is how to gain seed size.

“If you hadn’t gotten something on early, you didn’t do something with the planter or you didn’t do something with the herbicide pass, you can still capitalize on what you do have for set potential by sizing the seeds appropriately,” Jarek said.

Look for Stoller USA online for a complete list of dealers or contact Mullen at 217-461-1070.

Mullen and Jarek were among those on hand at the annual Schertz Aerial Service summer grower meeting near Cooksville in June.

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