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Rapid growth is the theme of summer

A Livingston County cornfield is shown south of Pontiac Wednesday morning / CIFN photo.

CROPSEY – The rapid growing conditions of 2018 are leading many to believe one season blends right into another.

Fungicide applications are winding down for corn, but it was a busy time for airplanes and ground rigs in recent days. This is because most of the corn was planted within the same time frame this year.

“There are a lot of aerial applications of corn going on now,” said Bryan Cole, plant manager for the Brandt Consolidated Cropsey location. “About 90 percent plus of it is ready to go and we did start some bean spraying this week as well.”

Some late group 2 and early group 3 soybeans have already been sprayed, according to Cole. The main insect concern so far is the Japanese beetle which has been out for a few weeks. Their population has been heavy in area bean fields.

Cole says many of the farmers in his area believe the corn looks like one of the best crops they have ever raised and soybeans look pretty good too, although they suffered water damage in June. Since we are ahead on growing degree units, Cole wouldn’t be surprised if the combines are rolling by Labor Day.

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