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Making every pound count

A BCS applicator works in an area cornfield / CIFN photo.

ARROWSMITH – Thanks to large data sets, growers have the ability to make every pound of nitrogen count.

John McGuire with NutrientStar was among the presenters at a recent summer grower meeting hosted by BCS Soil Fertility and Pest Management. McGuire noted that in 2015, more nitrogen brought more yield. This makes sense due to the weather we experienced that year.

“The overall trend was that more nitrogen paid,” said McGuire.

If you are paying close attention to the economic side of things, make sure you work with your local ag retailer to look at fields individually. McGuire acknowledges if conditions are just right, Mother Nature feeds the crop and you do not need as much nitrogen. He suggests utilizing a Y-Drop system to be more efficient with nitrogen timing.

A field trial network in 2017 showed a wet spring from a weather standpoint and a warm, dry summer. More nitrogen seemed to result in more yield. McGuire believes a late application nitrogen system can be more beneficial.

“High-yield environments tend to need less nitrogen.”

A NutrientStar app is expected to be released this winter.

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