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View from the Cab: The best place

(CIFN file photo)

If you ask me, our little part of Illinois is the best place to live.

As we celebrate another Independence Day this week, let’s not forget we live in the best country in the world. I feel especially fortunate to live and raise a family with complete freedom. Country life is the best since we can enjoy those great Midwestern sunsets and miles upon miles of endless corn and soybean fields. We are also seeing amber waves of grain in the nearby wheat fields which are being harvested.

When we hear of violence happening in towns not too far away and turmoil throughout the world, our little part of rural America seems like a pretty good place to be. In fact, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When traveling somewhere else, it always feels great to return home to good old Livingston County.

The Fourth of July has always been special for my family as we have a day full of celebrating with parades, fireworks and family gatherings. It’s a busy day but one we always remember. Our travels typically take us to Towanda, Chenoa and Sibley.

Mom enjoyed the summer holiday by decorating our farm in red, white and blue as she and Dad hosted the annual July 4th family get-together (which Dad still hosts). Mom would always read an excerpt from an article entitled, “Celebrating the American Dream” by Linda Cope who is a freelance writer from Greenville. Her piece appeared in a 1999 issue of the Illinois Country Living magazine.

“Now-a-days, the traditions linger…food, family and an awareness of my blessings,” the article reads. “As I watch fireworks at the fair, or at the county park surrounding by my own children, I realize I’m privileged to live the American dream, to own land, to have honest work, the freedom to raise my family, to worship god.”

Cope sums it up best: “If God would have asked, my tiny corner of Illinois is the very place I would have chosen. I thank Him for picking so well. I’m proud to be an American, born in the U.S.A. and living in the best country anywhere.”

Take a little time to celebrate our independence this week – even if it means enjoying the fresh country air or peacefulness of nearby crops blowing in the breeze. It will make you realize how blessed we really are.

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