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Herbicide interaction common this year

(CIFN file photo)

Herbicide interaction with crops has been common across the area this year.

This is partly due to the rapid growing plants and a lack of rain at the end of 2017 and the start of 2018.

“We had soybeans that were showing response to corn products the previous year, corn showing response to soybean products and even some crops showing response to the herbicide applied this year,” said John Allen, retail sales manager for Brandt Consolidated.

This tells us how sensitive crops can be and how fine-tuned herbicides must be to get the job done without causing any harm.

“Most of the rains helped us grow through these situations and as I look at the crop now, we’ve got a really good start. If we can continue to get timely rains, we are hopefully going down the path to a good crop,” Allen added.

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