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Rosie's pie legacy continues

One of the legendary pies to be auctioned off at last week's Ag in the Classroom golf outing in Pontiac / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – A longtime Livingston County Farm Bureau volunteer and ag supporter was remembered for her pies during last week’s Illinois Ag in the Classroom golf outing fundraiser in Pontiac.

Rosie Duffy baked pies to raise funds for the IAITC program for years, but passed away at the age of 90 in March. An Illinois Farm Bureau board member made pies for this year’s event along with Duffy’s grandson, Kevin who used his grandma’s famous recipe. The pie brought in $2,000.

“A special thanks to Lake County Farm Bureau for purchasing the pie. I think they consumed it right after supper,” said Livingston County Farm Bureau President Jason Bunting.

“Rosie was very dedicated and a very special lady,” recalled Livingston County Farm Bureau manager Jody Hughes. “When I moved up here, I got to know her pretty well.”

Hughes recalls attending the fundraiser as a Farm Bureau manager trainee several years ago and hearing about Duffy and her commitment. According to Hughes, Duffy was passionate about Farm Bureau – especially the Ag in the Classroom initiative.

“She was doing everything from going to lessons to just being on committees. She was also huge in the women’s committee,” Hughes added.

IAITC program coordinator Kevin Daughtery admits the annual live auction is unlike any other auction because of the pie popularity.

“(Duffy) raised over $20,000 worth of pie, so it’s always a bittersweet moment when someone bids on a Rosie pie,” Daugherty said.

Duffy often used her personal farming experiences in the classroom to teach kids about the industry. She worked on the farm her entire life with her husband Jim, also working as a part-time beautician. Duffy served on the Livingston County Farm Bureau board for over 30 years and was honored as the Livingston County Volunteer of the Year in 2007.

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