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Chicago students tour farms

Students from Calmeca Academy in Chicago tour Kilgus Dairy near Fairbury this week / CIFN photo.

Around 100 fourth graders from Chicago experienced life on the farm Tuesday during a visit to Livingston County.

The students from Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences toured the Blunier Hog Farm near Forrest and Kilgus Dairy near Fairbury through the Livingston County Farm Bureau’s adopted classroom program.

“I’m really happy to see a tractor again,” said student Pablo Cortez.

“I actually like it here because we get to see what they do out here in the country,” stated student Susana.

Livingston County Farm Bureau sends packets of ag information to the classes throughout the year to keep them informed on what’s happening on the farm. This is a favorite day for the hosts and visitors alike.

“A group of us go up there in December and actually visit the classroom, talking one on one with the students and teaching them about farm life,” explained Chad Trachsel, chairman of the Livingston County Farm Bureau Young Leaders.

Kent Blunier told the students how he raises pigs and why he does certain things on the farm. He often gets questions from both the students and parents.

“The kids always have a ton of great questions. They do a great job paying attention and they’re just really interested in what we are doing.”

Matt Kilgus explained how his family takes care of the animals on their dairy farm.

“You can see where the cows lay up there,” Kilgus said. “We actually have a machine where we go in and till that up twice a day. In the winter time, a couple of times a week, we’ll put fresh bedding down there for cows to lay on.”

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