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Nearly ideal conditions in the country

An area farmer plants his crop near Lexington this week / CIFN photo.

LEXINGTON – Spring fieldwork is moving along quickly this spring, even after a delayed start.

This area experienced over a week of almost ideal weather which allowed for decent planting progress for both corn and soybeans.

“Growers have put in good hours but everything looks outstanding,” said Sean Jordal, an agronomist for ProHarvest Seeds.

Corn is starting to emerge and the stands look exceptional, according to Jordal. Everyone seems to be happy with the way the ground has worked. A few locations had substantial rainfall recently but most everyone only missed a day of fieldwork at the most.

“Everybody has really been able to get a lot of acres planted really quickly,” Jordal added.

Jordal was helping to oversee the planting of a ProHarvest Seeds focus plot at the Illinois State University Farm near Lexington this week. The plot features ProHarvest hybrids with different trait packages growers can look forward to in the future.

“Our soybeans this year are Roundup Ready Xtend at this site here. We don’t quite have enough room to showcase all of the different trait packages that we offer.”

ProHarvest is an independent seed company based in Ashkum, which has been in the cover crop business for over a decade. They offer a “Yield 365” strategy to keep live growing roots in a field for pretty much the entire year.

“We’ve seen benefits from that and a lot of growers are gaining more interest in cover crops,” Jordal said.

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