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Early soybeans popular this year

Grower Jim Martin, who also serves as a director for the Illinois Soybean Association, examines early planted soybeans in LaSalle County Friday morning / CIFN photo.

WENONA – The benefits of early planted soybeans have been touted by many in the ag industry and growers are paying attention.

Jim Martin, who farms in LaSalle County near Wenona, planted his first soybeans April 23 before his corn went in the ground.

“They’re finally popping through the ground and I am going to finish the rest of the field with that same variety possibly next week to have a good side-by-side comparison,” said Martin.

Several farmers across the area were spotted putting soybeans in the ground first, even though corn has traditionally been the first crop to plant around here.

Martin currently serves as a director for the Illinois Soybean Association and operates an independent insurance agency and income tax service.

Since the potential for tariffs was first announced, Martin and the ISA have been monitoring the situation, voicing support for fair trade and educating others about the soybean market. Illinois has received quite a bit of national attention since it is the top soybean producing state with roughly 60 percent of the crop exported.

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