Technology provides endless possibilities

BLOOMINGTON – An important part of agriculture is the potential to do better and the latest technology helps us achieve that.

The things done on the farm today weren’t even dreamed of years ago.

“It comes at such a speed. It’s mind numbing,” said Chad Colby, owner of Colby Ag Tech, who spoke at the McLean County Ag Awareness Breakfast in Bloomington this year.

Colby feels we are in a whole different atmosphere with technology today than we were not too long ago. The possibilities with cell phones and other electronics are endless, but Colby does still see a challenge many producers face.

“Please make sure you upgrade your technology. If your iPhone is 5 or less, you need to leave and go to the Verizon store.”

By keeping devices updated, farmers will be prepared for the new wave of technology coming, which Colby calls “very humbling.”

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