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Technology fills a growing need

Tim McGreal of Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth discusses the latest offerings during an open house event last month / CIFN photo.

Growers today have big needs and making data easy to use in order to make quality management decisions is right at the top.

Ag Leader offers an InCommand display which operators can use year-round for planting, spraying applications and harvest. Users can monitor row by row performance and maintain proper depth when planting.

According to Ag Leader territory manager Stefanie Kincanon, with just a three percent increase in singulation at planting time, growers can gain around nine bushels per acre in yield.

“It’s a window into your planter. You can see how things are going,” Kincanon said, referring to the Ag Leader SeedCommand. “You have one chance to get it right.”

Hydraulic planter down force provides an almost instantaneous response time. The system only takes about a second to make the proper adjustments. Kincanon urges growers to make sure they are placing products where they need to be and not over applying them.

Kincanon sees value in yield maps with today’s yield monitors being easier and less time consuming to calibrate compared to older models. Ag Leader’s DisplayCast allows monitors to communicate with each other.

“We have lots of different options to meet all of your needs,” Kincanon added.

Companies such as Ag Leader are really growing the data side of the business.

“Wireless connectivity is becoming a big thing,” said Tim McGreal, owner of Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth.

Kincanon and McGreal were at the recent product training open house hosted by Nu-Ag Technology.

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