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Trade, weather test ag's patience

Craig Davis poses in his barn near Strawn in Livingston County last week / CIFN photo.

STRAWN – Not only is this an unusually cold start to what is traditionally planting season around here, but trade uncertainty also looms for farmers.

A potential trade war has dominated headlines in recent weeks although one area farmer remains optimistic that everything will turn out alright in the end. Craig Davis, who lives on a farm near Strawn in Livingston County, does feel markets could take a short-term hit.

“Overall, I think what President Trump is trying to do is a positive thing and will work out,” Davis explained.

Davis feels much of this is built into the market and as planting season gets delayed, some higher prices are possible – especially for corn.

“If the weather finally warms up out here and we get seed in the ground, we might see softer prices until later in the summer.”

Some farmers feel it is still plenty early for putting seed into the ground while others hope it warms up and fields dry out soon.

“You can only do what Mother Nature allows you to do,” Davis added.

Davis began a cattle operation back in 2014 when he started getting bull calves from a local dairy. Most of the animals go to an area locker, but Davis does sell some to individuals, mostly by the quarter or half.

“We really enjoy raising them out here on the farm,” Davis noted. “Raising livestock teaches (kids) a lot of unique things.”

The Davis family also raises tomatoes, potatoes and green beans each year in their 30 by 60 garden. Davis, who is married with five daughters, helps on his father’s grain operation and also works for the family marketing business, Crop-Side Marketing. He admits production agriculture can be a difficult industry to get started in, but if someone has the passion to farm, they can probably do it.

Davis was the guest last week on the “CIFN Friday Live” segment on the Central Illinois Farm Network Facebook page, sponsored by the McLean County Farm Bureau. See it HERE.

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