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Company makes tiling decisions easy

Ryan Zook of Soil-Max speaks at an open house at Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth / CIFN photo.

CHATSWORTH – A field can have tile but not enough. That’s the belief of Ryan Zook, product specialist with Soil-Max.

“Running the system is the easiest part of the whole process,” Zook said during a product training session hosted by Nu-Ag Technology in March.

The steps are simple: dig a hole, do a survey, design a tile run, hit the “start” button and drive to the end to install tile. Zook says Soil-Max does not pinch the pipe and it pulls easier. The Soil-Max plows are made with T1 steel and the company has three different plow models to choose from.

“If you have guidance, you don’t even have to drive,” Zook noted. “We’re using the design of the plow to actually lift the soil so we don’t have to drag through it.”

According to Zook, the company only wants farmers to pull as much force as they need to. He says the different Soil-Max plow models will pretty much go on any tractor.

Nu-Ag Technology, the area's local Soil-Max dealer, can be reached at 815-635-3011 or online at The business is located at 32528 E. 835 N. Road in Chatsworth.

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