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Growers hope for good weather window

(CIFN file photo)

It’s only March but growers are already starting to pay close attention to the weather forecast to see when they can get out and start some pre-season fieldwork.

Some are hoping for the chance to apply spring ammonia or fertilizer before planting. We were fortunate to have great weather last fall to get a lot done in the fields.

“For those folks that plan to do that in the spring, now’s the time to kind of reinforce that and make sure you’ve gotten in touch with whoever you need to talk to,” said Jason McArdle of Brandt Consolidated.

This is also a good time to start thinking about herbicide plans for the year. McArdle urges growers to plan for the post-planting period especially with soybeans since there are several different varieties going in the ground. Make sure you know what your neighbors are planting and that you have communicated those plans with your ag retailer.

“I think it’s better to do that early than to wait until the last minute,” McArdle adds.

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