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View from the Cab: A can't miss meeting

A reader once told me I should be the smartest farmer around since I attend so many meetings each year.

I don’t know about that, but I can tell you who is smart – the farmer planning to attend our March 27 outlook meeting in Fairbury. You can hear a market panel discussion featuring Merrill Crowley from Midwest Market Solutions, Aaron Curtis from MIDCO and Jessica Murphy with Advance Trading. Also, a free dinner will be served at 6 p.m. in the banquet room of Gig’s Place on east Locust Street.

Our panelists will look ahead to the big end of month planting report and acreage numbers. Curtis is among those watching the weather in South America while monitoring the situation in the Southern Plains.

“It feels like anymore we talk about weather 365 days a year, so that continues to offer some opportunities in the marketplace,” Curtis said.

We could have some fairly clear expectations of what the USDA report may say by the time next week rolls around. Crowley says with the prices changing as they have been, we are working our way back to more “even Steven” on what producers should plant based on the corn-soybean ratio.

Thanks to the Bank of Pontiac and Prairie Central Co-op for sponsoring the evening. You’ll want to stick around for the giveaways. To reserve a spot for the free market outlook meeting, give us a call at 217-530-3107 or send an e-mail to:

I was on the move once again last week as I brushed-up on the latest agricultural technology during an open house and product training session at Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth Wednesday. Tim and J.D. always put on a great meeting and the pork chops aren’t bad either! My travels also took me to the annual Cissna Park FFA banquet and the FFA alumni meal and auction at Normal Community High School on Saturday evening.

Even though the sun was shining for several days, last week’s weather didn’t feel like March. Those morning lows in the upper teens remind us that planting is at least a few weeks away. I think.

(The View from the Cab blog is powered by Petersen Chevy-Buick in Fairbury)

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