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Kinzinger: Tax cuts good for ag

Congressman Adam Kinzinger visits during the Livingston County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner last week in Pontiac / CIFN photo.

A Central Illinois congressman believes the country is seeing real “in-depth” growth which is raising middle class wages.

During a stop in Pontiac last week, 16th District Representative Adam Kinzinger acknowledged people tend to focus on everything that is wrong or has not been done which it comes to the government.

“I think last year was a great year,” Kinzinger explained during the Livingston County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner. “We had a tax cut for people. It’s great for the agricultural community. We raised the estate tax, fixed the alternative minimum tax and people are seeing bigger paychecks.”

Kinzinger calls for a poverty agenda which explores how to help individuals in bad circumstances become utilized and understand their value to the country. He also wants to address how to fix this country’s infrastructure.

“I was excited that the president’s infrastructure bill had $50 billion reserved for rural America which I think has been neglected for too long.”

Despite some failures, Kinzinger feels there has been success in Washington D.C. He is happy President Trump eased regulations on manufacturing and agriculture. Kinzinger believes the government’s job is to defend people, build roads and bridges and get out of the way to let citizens make their own life. At the same time, Kinzinger wants regulations to remain in place to protect the environment and people.

As Kinzinger is out and about in his district, he is hearing about all types of issues and guns and school shootings are at the top of everyone’s mind currently.

“Overall, people I think are feeling optimistic about the economy,” he added.

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