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Have a plan in place for spring

(CIFN file photo)

Those in the seed industry are getting more questions now than ever before thanks to the various trait options available.

Communication is key heading into the 2018 growing season and growers need to have a plan in place before the tractors start rolling. This includes communicating with neighbors regarding what they are planting and the weed control program they will be using.

“There’s just going to be a lot more scrutiny on us in terms of weed control and herbicide applications in the next 12 months,” explains Randy Wilken of ProHarvest Seeds. “We really need to do a good job with it.”

Being an independent company, ProHarvest has access to all of the current seed traits and those traits coming down the road. A large percentage of sales this year consist of Xtend and Liberty Link soybeans. Wilken reports dwindling sales of straight Roundup beans.

If you are planting cover crops, Wilken suggests a system approach. Everyone wants that first year payoff and that isn’t always the case.

“It really takes two or three years to really get into that,” said Wilken.

With all of the recent talk on weed control, cover crops fit in well since they can help control weeds in a field. Studies have shown less weed pressure in the years following cover crops. Wilken believes those who use cover crops don’t walk away from the practice after a few years.

“It’s about taking out those bumps when we have those tough stress events that come through, such as dry weather and excessive water.”

Many farmers in ProHarvest Seeds’ backyard have been blessed with excessive rain for several years now. The area saw its largest corn replant ever but that corn had phenomenal yields in most locations. The crop was better than everyone expected no matter where you were.

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