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Faber wins discussion meet

Jesse Faber from Livingston County was named the winner of the Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leader discussion meet held over the weekend in Chicago.

There were 26 participants at the event held during the Illinois Farm Bureau annual meeting and Faber will compete next month at the annual meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation in Nashville. The high school ag teacher resides in Pontiac with his wife and two children.

“Really, I’ve enjoyed all of my involvement in Farm Bureau and the ag industry,” Faber told DeLoss Yahnke from the Illinois Farm Bureau RFD Radio Network.

Faber feels it is important to bring ag groups together since everyone in ag shares a common goal of feeding the world. Faber was first involved in Young Leaders when he lived in Lee County a number of years ago. He is currently involved with Young Leaders in Livingston County and sites on the county Farm Bureau board of directors.

“I’ve really enjoyed all of the opportunities that I’ve had,” Faber added.

Faber and his wife, Mary, were Excellence Award winners a couple of years ago.

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