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Fertilizer property agreement amended

A map of the former Smith-Douglass site near Streator / courtesy of IL EPA.

PONTIAC – The Livingston County Board has voted to amend an intergovernmental agreement involving the former Smith-Douglass property near Streator.

The initial agreement with the city of Streator back in April of 2016 stated that the county will cooperate with Streator to conduct a special scavenger sale of the real estate taxes for 2014 and prior years for the parcels which comprise the site. Under the recent amendment, the parties agree that the county will obtain on or before Nov. 30, 2018 a certificate of purchase for the forfeited real estate taxes for the site, including the 2015 and 2016 real estate taxes.

Also, Livingston County will immediately assign the certificate of purchase to Streator so the city may follow the appropriate procedures as required by the Property Tax Code to obtain a tax deed to the parcels which make up the site. The Smith-Douglass property was formerly used as a fertilizer factory and the site is reportedly contaminated.

Also at Thursday’s regular meeting, the Livingston County Board approved a bridge petition in the Amity Road District to replace an existing culvert with pre-coated steel culvert pipes at 2575 North and 742 East Roads. The estimated cost is $6,000. A bridge petition was also approved for the Long Point/Amity Road District to replace an existing structure at 2501 North and 600 East. The cost is $350,000.

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