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Visitors enjoy U.S. farm shows

A view of the Farm Progress Show at Decatur / CIFN file photo.

Clint Frey hopped on a 16-hour flight to Atlanta from South Africa, flew two hours to Chicago then drove to the Farm Progress Show in Decatur over the summer.

Frey is among a growing number of foreign visitors to take in U.S. farm shows and attractions.

“It was quite something sitting on the left-hand side of the car driving on the right-hand side of the road. It’s quite different from back home,” said Frey during his Decatur visit.

Agriculture in South Africa is slightly behind the U.S. according to Frey, although the two countries really aren’t that different when it comes to ag.

“The machines are obviously a lot bigger on this side than back at home, but we have similar farming practices.”

Growers in South Africa raise corn, soybeans and wheat. They also have cattle that graze during the summer. Frey says they have a farm show back home, but it is not as big as the Farm Progress Show here.

“It’s nice to see the machines and all of the stuff that’s out,” Frey said.

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