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Thoughts turn to post-harvest work

GRIDLEY – Most of the soybeans around Gridley are out and corn harvest is moving right along, with about a 75 percent completion rate.

Bill Roth, who manages the Brandt Consolidated Gridley location, says growers have been surprised with better than expected corn since harvest began back in mid-September. Soybeans look good as well.

“We don’t have yields like we did a year ago, but we have some very good yields for the stress we endured right here at Gridley. We were short on rainfall this year,” said Roth.

Roth attributes the yield success to today’s seed genetics.

Brandt employees have been busy putting lime and dry fertilizer on fields and anhydrous ammonia applications could begin within two weeks if the weather cooperates.

“That’s always a really busy time of year when we start on that,” added Roth.

The Gridley Brandt Consolidated location can be reached at 309-747-2233 or online at Roth believes the website is a good way to get more information about the company.

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